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Here in Kumania, I have no idea what's going on in the states; could someone please let me know? Thanks. (Translation by Kumyani Translator [Kumanian To English]) Updated 03 Nov · 0 comments

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Hello, my name is Kuma Juan Nazhi; my full first name is Kumaria.  I am an indian boy, I have seventeen years, and my favorite game system is the Nintendo 3DS.  Ever since I got mine, I have always found something to do when I pick it up to play for about an hour; I do not spend that whole hour playing in 3D, because I know of the risks of such a daring feat.  I must warn you in advance, I am not typing directly in English, so my translator that I developed might not code correctly, causing misspelled words, mistranslated phrases, or odd characters in my posts.  My native language is Kumanian, an Indian tongue originated from Latin.  Our speech is quite the lot like a combination of Spanish and Italian.  For example, "I am" in Spanish, is "soy."  In Kumanian, the same phrase is romanized to "sonkcqa."  Sure, they are not exactly the same, but they are close enough where it makes complete sense as to the basis of my native vernacular.  Secondly, I live in Kumania, an obscure tribe located in West Pondicherry, India.  West Pondicherry is in the mid-southeastern area of India.  The population of Kumania is just over forty-five thousand, but it is growing evermore quickly, probably as you read this.  In my immediate family, I am one of twelve children.  My parents adopted ten of them, our latest being a sixteen year old white previously abused boy from the States.  Since there are twelve kids in all (so far) and ten of them are adopted, that must mean that I only have one biological sibling.  And I do; it is my sister, Rika Elena Nazhi, she is one of the youngest children, only having thirteen years.  Let me tell you about each one of us in detail, starting with Rika, since you already know about me.  Rika Elena Nazhi has thirteen years, she is amiable, and her favorite thing to do is play Fossil fighters for the Nintendo DS.  Next is Michael Rodriguez Nazhi.  Michael was adopted on May second, twenty ten.  The craziest and yet most beautiful thing about him is that he was born GREEN!  You see, he has a very uncommon sweat disorder, known as green slime disorder.  Instead of sweating clear saltwater, he secretes a substance quite like Nickelodeon's green slime; yet believe it or not, Nick is not where the name for the condition came about!  I know, what a shock, right?  Well, anyway, when he sweats, it does not stick to whatever he touches, neither does it turn contacted areas green, it turns clear upon contact with anything other than his skin.  I know, you are probably thinking, "Well then, could not you just rub it off with a rag and expose his true color?"  Well, no, that does not work, because he was born green from the sweat that covered him in the womb.  Anyway, before he joined our family, Michael lived in Mexico; his old parents abused him so much that he eventually got so tired of their malign treatment of him that he attached a tiny microphone to his mom's necklace, used it to record her pin number, which she always murmured when she typed it into the ATM, took it off of her necklace when she fell asleep that night, listened to the audio, stole enough money from her account for a train ticket to the airport and a plane ticket to India, packed his bags, and flew here.  He says that he did not know why he flew to India, except that he felt like God wanted him to come here.  And yes, we know who God is, since we are the only tribe in India that is COMPLETELY Christian; our rules even say that if you want to live in Kumania and you are not a Christian, you must either become one fast or not be allowed to enter the tribe.  Ok, now for Jonny Nazhi: Jonny Nazhi is our latest addition to the tribe.  He has sixteen years, he was forbidden from ever knowing his middle name, and he came to our Takcquronta (teepee mansion) at two hundred hours, covered in mud, blood, cuts, scratches, and bruises.  The poor guy was so lucky that day, for we had forgotten to lock the front door the night before, so he just walked in and started looking for someone to adopt him within our mansion.  He must have been VERY persistant, too, because we all sleep on the fifteenth floor of a house that has that many floors (not counting the atic and roof), but that also has one hundred rooms on each floor, each having a measure of one hundred feet in length by one hundred feet in width by one hundred feet in height.  Eventually Jonny found my room, graciously and quietly gliding in and ever so gently tapping me on the shoulder, waking me.  I did not even start at his arrival, because I had forseen him coming in a dream just hours before.  I smiled up at his completely beaten and undressed body, got up to stand facing him, and hugged him tightly, getting myself completely doused in mud and gore as he hugged me back.  "Welcome to the Tribe," I whispered, kissing him on both cheeks (a Kumanian sign of care, love, and affection).  After our extremely long hug, I crawled back into bed, beckoning him to crawl in beside me, and we fell asleep side by side.  Explaining this whole thing to Mameh (Mom) and dardeh (dad), was not a problem at all; in fact, they were extremely excited to have the opportunity to care for such a formerly deprived, neglected, and abused teen age boy.  Ok, I'm tired of typing; I swear, I've been here for about five hours straight, because my translator, the one I coded, keeps freezing and entering incorrect Roman characters.  So, I'll tell you all the rest later.  Thanks, and goodbye for now.

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    I like to play Nintendo games, especially those of the Game Boy and Game Boy COLOR, Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSI, Nintendo DSIXL, and Nintendo WII. However, if I can't afford a game, I make my own version of the game for PowerPoint and OpenOffice, which I then post to the Internet. You can check out all of the games I have posted at:

    I also like to make 8-bit music, NOT WITH GSXCC, but with an ACTUAL GAME BOY COLOR, so it's TRULY 8-BIT. So, yeah, that's about it, or at least that I can think of this morning.
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