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Announcement: Wii U Forums Ruleset

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Always make meaningful posts. If you don't have anything to add to a discussion, don't make a post like "I don't know what to say" or something just to boost your post count. Your post will only get deleted. We'd like to avoid enforcing a specific word or character limit, if possible. This rule also acts against thread necromancy - do not bump an old thread if it has become irrelevant (e.g.: a thread speculating about Blu-ray playback after it has been confirmed not to be a feature of the Wii U), and especially if you've got nothing to add to it (e.g.: you're only bumping it to say "the thing doesn't play Blu-ray's," or something along the lines of that).

Always be respectful of others and their opinions. No personal attacks, hateful/racist comments, flame wars, etc. It won't be tolerated. Emotional debates are fine, but hating someone just because they think the PSP is better than the DS is simply irrational.

No swearing. Minor curse words like "crap" and "hell" are fine, but the S-word and F-bomb are strictly taboo. Appropriate substitutes like "snit" and "funk" may be used freely, though. If you swear, don't be surprised if your words are replaced with embarrassing things like unicorns or rainbows.

Please write your posts in understandable English. You don't need to be perfect, and I won't even enforce capitalization; but basic punctuation and diction are a must. We want to keep the threads as readable as possible so you don't need to waste time deciphering aposttahtluksliektis.

Don't advertise your website on this site outside of your signature and the designated URL field on your profile. Status updates, posts, and topics made to promote your site will be removed unless you have received express permission from the administration to advertise your site here.

Please keep your signature to a reasonable size. If the management deems a signature to be excessively large, it may be edited in the interest of keeping forum topics easily readable. Although we do not enforce many hard technical measures against this from happening, we ask that you do not abuse the privilege of having a signature.

Keep it appropriate. This means no posting pornographic or fetishistic images or content; no racism, sexism, or otherwise derogatory behaviour towards ethnic groups or other members - you get the gist of it. This isn't 4chan, after all.

Only one account per person! If you wish to change your username, you can do so from your user CP. Members caught with or suspected of having multiple accounts may have all but one of their accounts deleted or merged. We use the IP address logs to determine whether you have more than one account, so if another member of your household signs up, please do us a favour and send the moderation team a message about it.

No bashing, insulting, or otherwise pointlessly slandering Nintendo or their competitors. We're a community of respectful Nintendo fans. If you're here only to talk trash, don't even bother joining. That said, blind fanboyism (be it of Nintendo or any other company) will not be tolerated, either - if you've got something negative to say about any of the big three, it's fine to do so as long as it's phrased constructively and you know what you're talking about.

Discussion of piracy and ways to obtain, create, or play ROM's/ISO's is strictly forbidden.

All instances of rulebreaking will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, at the moderation team's discretion. Exceptions to rules may also be granted on a case-by-case basis, but only if you ask me (Feld0) first.
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