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Who's watching EVO?
Jul 16 2016 12:02 PM
  • Waller's Photo
    I was rooting so hard for Kamemushi. It's not everyday you see a Megaman on tournament Grand Finals, let alone the biggest tournament of them all. Too bad he got destroyed by Ally. :(

    As for Melee, I only watched the matches where Mango lost, because seeing Mango lose is always satisfying.
    Jul 19 2016 02:30 AM
  • Horchata's Photo
    It was good lol

    I was also rooting for Kamemushi! His Mega Man was amazing.
    Jul 19 2016 10:27 PM
  • Mewbot's Photo
    tbh all I've heard about it is that the Smash 4 stuff was rainbowe and some guy molested a chick
    Jul 23 2016 01:30 AM
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