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Possible way for Nintendo to compete and win in Graphics

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#1 Bill Cipher

Bill Cipher


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Posted 22 April 2011 - 11:42 PM

Okay, this was something that had just recently occurred to me as I was in the process of upgrading my Graphics card on my Desktop. I though about how PC's can always be upgraded, so why wouldn't Nintendo do something like this. I mean putting all of the Key components( Graphics Card, Ram,CPU, GPU, etc.) all into a card that can be changed a time goes on. The best example would be that you buy the wii 2, then the PS4 comes out. Nintendo could then release a Chip that would upgrade your sytem to the power of the PS4 without having to buy a Brand new system. Miyamoto has stated that this would be an interesting idea

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Posted 23 April 2011 - 01:52 AM

You mean something like the Expansion Pak for the Nintendo 64? Sorry, but Jikayaki already crushed my dreams of this solution.

Even if 01Net's speculation is right on the money we would still be potentially seeing a large step over PS3 and Xbox 360. There are GPUs in the R700 family that easily could give capabilities at least near 8x what current HD consoles are capable of doing now. The issue would be to update the GPU to be capable of utilizing OpenGl 4.1 API, which gives Nintendo an alternative to fixed shaders so their Wii 2 games don't suffer from a learning curve catching up with more modern shaders. An a three core custom IBM PowerPC CPU could easily be three times or more as capable as Xbox 360's own CPU depending on what modern Power processor line it is derived from. PS4 and XboxNext may have more modern architecture, but certain real world limitation exist limiting hardware. Be assured its doubtful that the deference in power will be as large as Wii to PS360.

Hardware is becoming ever increasing in complexity in these machines so I doubt "Project Cafe" is being designed with the concept of being able to be ungraded at a later date. The good news regarding hardware for "Project Cafe" comes down to how Nintendo has seemly changed compared to it's classical way of creating Hardware. Classical Nintendo created a device it believed had a market and met their own internal developers needs 3D party weren't involved. Nintendo now though is a different arena the console itself is still originally built with Nintendo ideas and needs in mind, but as shown with 3DS its possible for 3D party to nickle and dime Nintendo to increase the capability of console. The 3DS itself arguable changed perhaps three times during development in hardware and there is no reason "Project Cafe" won't either especially if Nintendo wants 3D party support for the long hall. Since it appears early developer kits have at most only been in the hands of 3D party developers according to rumors for at most a year and likely less hardware is no where near finalized.

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#3 Play4Fun



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Posted 23 April 2011 - 04:09 AM

Then the console wouldn't be a console. It would pretty much be a PC.

It would cause alot of problems. Not everyone would upgrade and since games are specially made for a certain hardware on consoles, newer games might not work for people who have not upgraded, for example.

Being closed platforms is one of the weaknesses and at the same time one of the strengths of consoles.
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Posted 23 April 2011 - 10:09 AM

Since Nintendo's next console is reportedly using R700 series architecture there may not be any issues with being within the same ballpark as its competitors. The rumors from IGN contradict the rumor of AMD's Trinity fusion chipset being used in Project Cafe, but we still have a leak that points to the chipset being used in a next Generation console. The leak can't be linked to former plans from Nintendo that didn't pan out since according to rumor Nintendo's console is already in production or will be in production soon. It doesn't make since for Sony either since they need to continue to milk these generation. My guess is that the AMD Trinity fusion chipset will instead be powering Microsoft's next console. The four core CPU and either HD 5000 or HD 6000 series GPU would potentially be more powerful than the rumored three core PowerPC CPU and R700 series GPU, but not necessarily by much. A good contender for the GPU in an APU for Microsoft's next console is Radeon HD 6770, which is about 6 times as powerful as Xbox 360's Xenos. A good contender for Nintendo's Project Cafe's GPU is Radeon HD 4770, which is exactly four times more powerful than Xbox 360's Xenos. Then there is the possibility that Nintendo's console will be more exotic as unless Nintendo uses off the counter CPU parts I don't see why it would be as large as a original model Xbox 360 like depicted in the rumors. Its certainly possible that Xbox 720 could use a better GPU than Radeon HD 6770, but options available would make it difficult to use anything within the HD 6000 series beyond Radeon HD 6850, which is slightly more than six times as powerful as Xenos, but the difference in power wouldn't be more than 50 percent more powerful than Nintendo's next console and potentially if Nintendo uses a dual GPU or a Radeon HD 4890 equivalent GPU they could be more or less equal. Though if Nintendo is going with a dual GPU model the chances of it being more powerful than the Xbox exist, but if size isn't a concern Microsoft they can easily match it.

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