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Sports Club and Parental Controls

Parental Controls Sports Club

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Posted 09 February 2014 - 03:42 PM



I just bought the Wii U for my seven year old and our first download was Sports Club. I'm trying to understand how parental controls interact with the online features of this game. I've got lots of questions about this topic, but so as not to confuse things with too many questions:


1. Is there any way to allow my son to play Sports Club with users on his friends list without allowing him to play with strangers?

2. Is there any way to allow only local games? When I set on all of the parental restrictions, all three sports become completely greyed out. Perhaps this is because I'm still on the free 24 hour pass?

3. Is there good documentation to be found on the general subject of the parental controls and the specific topic of the parental controls in Sports Club? I can find lots of step-by-step guides to setting the parental controls, but almost nothing on the semantics of what the various controls actually mean. Part of the problem is that I'm not yet that clear on how the Wii online gaming, Miiverse, etc. work. Pointers to documentation beyond step-by-step instructions would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance for your help!


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Posted 09 February 2014 - 06:05 PM

Nintendo's parental controls are better than any other console, but they're simplistic at best.<br />They're just a simple "yes or no" to basic things like "Can you use the internet?" yes or no.<br />There's no, "yes, but only for titles within their age group or something that would make sense and be in any way customisable".<br /><br />The answer to all your questions are no.<br />You can't allow a child to only play with friends, it's play with everyone, or no-one.<br />You can't control content within games, only what games can start and what can not.<br /><br />There's some documentation on nintendo's site, but honestly it's not worth even using.<br />What are your concerns for your child?<br />If it's access to perverts, then the option you have is to block internet access, and ask them to come for you for the code, if you think what they're doing isn't going to worry you then you can enter it, if not, you can say no.<br />That's about as much control you have with nintendo's parental controls.<br /><br />http://www.nintendo....nts-642522.html<br />http://www.nintendo....ls--678627.html<br />Here's a video:<br />http://s2.cpl.delven...al_controls.mp4<br />from here http://www.nintendo....als-648600.html<br /><br />There used to be a much less useful FAQ section about parental controls, but I think they must have replaced it.<br />There is a similar FAQ section on the US website, but that isn't as good as the stuff I linked, it was better than the old FAQ on the UK site though.<br />It applies the same there as here, just some terms might be different and the US uses a different ratings system.

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