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The Asylum RP

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#1 HaHa-No


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Posted 02 June 2011 - 06:35 AM

Setting: You awake in a dark room, black as pitch. To be honest. Next to you is a bed, and a note. There is also a box, you open the box, and inside is a weapon. You walk to the bed and sit on it, as you do a shadow scuttles out from underneath and the bed breaks underneath your weight. A matchstick sized piece of wood splinters your finger. You pick up the note, you can make out the words "Fun... despair..." the rest of the node is soaking wet with blood and the letters are smudged. None of this place seems right, you grab the weapon and kick through the wall. Then walk out.

Character Form;
Distinct Features:
Back Story:

Name: Miki Mareo
Age: 16
Weight: 5 Stone 6 Pounds (Ya, he's a skinny wretch.)
Distinct Features: None
Personality: Socially awkward, depressed.
Back Story: Miki was outcasted from the others at school, his only friend had been killed in a Earthquake years ago. That friend was the only person who stood up for Miki. His parents neglected him and left him at home while driving into town and going to places unmentionable, when actully at home they would call him pathetic and beat him. He was called an emo at school and was bullied.
Description: Hair bleached white, with a huge fringe that draped in front of his eyes. His eyes themselves are teal and cloudy.
Gender: Male
Clothing: Black Jeans, Midnight Blue T-Shirt.

I can't be bothered to start the thing off :P sorry.


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Posted 04 June 2011 - 02:05 PM

Name: Nana
Age: 76
Weight: Light
Distinct Features:dimples
Personality: Kind but a bit snappy, very wise
Back Story: Nana was a kind lady who used to volunteer full time in the community. Working at nurseries, hospices, nursing homes until one day nana woke up at home after a family gathering and everyone was dead and a bloody knife was in her hand, She has no recollection of what happened and there was not evidence so she was acquitted of the crime. Since then people have called her crazy and she has secluded herself from society but she maintains that she was framed. Though elderly she is very quick, strong and mobile.
Description:Wrinkled with grey feathery hair
Gender: Female
Clothing: Red cardigan and a blue dress


Nana peered out into the darkness, she had no idea where she was or what she was doing there all she saw was darkness. It seemed to envelope her, it was so dark that she could not remember what it was like to be light anymore.
"Is this some rotten revenge? Is it you Albert Knuckles. I'll tell your mother!"
She remembered that some of the local kids had once broken into her house and moved her into the cupboard while she was sleeping and locked her inside. She was in no cupnoard now that was for sure.

She moved the knife from one hand to the other before dropping it. Knives brought back too many bad memories.
"If you think you're scaring me Albert, your wrong!" She called out into the darkness. "Fun and despair, eh? Very original!"

No response. She shifted forward slightly holding her arms out in front of her. When she had said she wasn't cared, she was lying.
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Posted 15 June 2011 - 06:55 PM

Name: Jhon
Age: 21
Weight: 120 lbs
Distinct Features: Scar across chest
Personality: Low temper
Back Story:Jhon is a very expereienced driver and knows one or two things about firearms,
gets angry VERY fast, and dislikes apples.
Description:5'7", brown hair, brown eyes
Gender: Male
Clothing: orange plaid long sleeve, dark blue jeans, pair of black Adidas

"Hello? Anyone in here?" but all jhon hears in reply is his own lonely echo

Jhon walks down the long hallway while clutching his soar hand, a knife in his pocket. Jhon notices a faint light at the end of the dark corridor, it seems to be slightly shifting back and forth. Jhon finally reaches it, now knowing it was only a an old lantern. At that moment he hears a loud thump. "What the?" Jhon then sees some dark shape on the floor moving at insane speeds while making a muffled nose, he takes the lantern of the wall and throws it at the shape what he sees is beyond anything he can comprehend.


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