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In Topic: Ask Miss Twilight Sparkle

27 February 2012 - 07:05 PM

How can a hedgehog and a pony be genetically related?! :blink:

Reality, buddy. Reality. We... are twins.

I think you arez hi-jackingz the thread of your sister. :P
So, Twilight, what do you want to specialize in?

I'll stop posting on this thread. lol ^_^

In Topic: Ask Sonic!

27 February 2012 - 07:02 PM

Are you and Silver the same user or connected by a forum?

Thank you for asking!

It all starts from when I was on my account. My little brother glanced at the computer and said "Make my account!"

And so I had to do it since I couldn't get bothered. I can't believe she asked, too. I mean, all he does is play mature-rated games and he barely gets on the computer. So I decided to do it, and yah know. There you have it. His first and only forum account.

Do you know how to multiquote, and has you gotten my note for Swapnote yet?

1. Technically
2. No. I've been searching it for days.

Why had nearly every sonic game since adventure sucked until colours?

Even myself, thinked it sucked, also. Personally myself IDK why. Ask SEGA. xD

Q1:) Did you know that Knuckles and your girl Amy have been going out the last few weekends?
I saw em with my own eyes, dining over at the El Pollo Loco last saturday!

... better go check your girl, Sonic. She ain't right.

Q2:) How you gonna handle that, playa?

If you need any assistance, we can roll up on him in the landmaster or take him out with the Arwings.
Holla at ya boy FOX!! I'm out!!!

1. WHHHHAAAT?! I swear if I even SEE Knuckles I'm gonna go for it. *blam!*

2. And again, *BOOSH!*

is it possible to learn to troll people?

How do I even know? Wait.. your not saying I'm a troll... correct? o.o


Sorry guys! I won't be able to ask questions for awhile, sometimes I'll be too busy. But I promise You guys will get replies!

In Topic: Ask Sonic!

27 February 2012 - 06:53 PM

So, another copied "Ask thread". This better not become a new thing. I really don't want my thread to die or be locked.

So, sonic, any new adventures ahead of you?

Yeah, If your thread get's locked they're locking mine too. I'm not gonna let anybody's thread be punished by one other thread.

I believe so. I can't wait to get started!

In Topic: Ask Sonic!

27 February 2012 - 06:51 PM

Why do you have to copy Sensei No?

Why do they call it Angel Island, yet no angels live there?

How did you lose fat?

When is my free Wipeout 2048 download code coming to my inbox?

How come every time you turn Super Sonic using the Chaos Emeralds, they end up in random places after you are finished?

Do you wear contact lenses?

Who is your favourite ninja turtle?

Has anyone been annoying and asked if you could spin dry their clothes?

1. I don't know any Sensei. LOL
2. Uuuh... I was just thinking the same question! And yet I still don't really know.
4. Heck how should I know?
5. That's why I keep em' in my spines.
6. NOPE.
7. Blue. What what..??
8. Usually they get dirty from grass stains and scold me so I don't do it anymore.

In Topic: Ask Sonic!

27 February 2012 - 06:48 PM

why are you the fastest thing alive?

who is your brother

1. Born with it. ;)

2. In reality, it's you. But in the times of TV It's really Manic.

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