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Wired connection trouble

22 December 2013 - 05:39 PM

So my PC have a wired connection, and I use connectify to share it wireless. But I have problems connecting it to my WiiU and partly my 3ds.

On the 3ds it works somewhat, but dissconects sometimes. 

But, since this is WiiU hardware help I'll ask for help about the WiiU and I think my 3ds problems are for the same reasons as the WiiU ones.

Now the connection on my WiiU only works for 30sec - 1min after I start the connectify hotspot, after that I lose the connection and have to restart the hotspot for it to work again. I'd love to download NES Remix and watch the Nintendo Direct videos in higher qualities on the Eshop. 

Please help me if anyone knows what the problem could be! :D

One note, the 3ds connection worked perfectly some weeks back, but not anymore, I normally live at a hostel with a internet that only works on my school computer. I'm home for christmas for a couple of weeks, and my dad only have a wired internet... I'd buy him a wireless router for christmass if I could afford it. So last time I was here I used connectify to play pokemon on the 3ds and did some battles, but now I get disconnected from all battles after 1-4min.

Again, thanks in advance for any help, even if it can't be solved I will appriciate any help :)

Olimar confirmed for Smash Bros!

12 July 2013 - 12:52 AM




Now we know why he is missing from Pikmin 3 ;)


28 June 2013 - 04:05 PM

Imagine Skyrim/FPS/Open world/whatever with this:



the Oculus Rift


The Wii Mote+

That's my dream, and once I get a better PC I'll download say The Witcher 3
Make the Wii mote suitable to control it, except camera and movement controllers
Wait for Oculus and Omni for virtual reality and camera/movement controls
Do it with all first person games (Also others if it feels good)

FF XV is running on DX11

19 June 2013 - 03:29 AM

"Now, though, we're developing on DirectX 11, not based on the PS4 or the Xbox One. This lets us develop full-spec without worrying about individual platforms, then port it to each console in the most appropriate way. As a result, the original Final Fantasy XV runs on a pretty high-spec PC, and how close a console gets to this original depends on its specs." - Tetsuya Nomura



So they are scaling it down for PS4 and Xbone, and a "full version" may come in the future for hardware capable? Then why no goddamn Wii U version?! Either they're full of rainbow or it's the slow sales of Wii U that does it, but with that logic how can they support PS4 and Xbone which have 0 sales yet since they aren't out yet except for some few preorders maybe if that counts.


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