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In Topic: Windows 10

13 August 2015 - 06:41 PM

I've been using it for about a week. I spent about 24 hours trying to get it to install because Windows Update was Borked, the Installer/Easy tool was borked, I had to change my CD Drive read type from SATA to IDE, and I had to uninstall my Anti-virus to get it to install.


It's cool, but definitely wait if you're not enthusiastic about it.

In Topic: Gravity Falls Getting 3DS-Exclusive Platformer Built on Rayman Engine

10 July 2015 - 12:00 AM

WTF is gravity falls?

Gravity Falls is considered to be one of the best Animated shows airing(Though if we count airing as frequent new episodes, it's not airing).


It's a Mystery Paranormal show where two Twins, Dipper and Mabel Pines, are sent to spend the summer in Gravity Falls Oregon, which is full of all kinds of supernatural anamolies, be they Ghosts, Gnomes, Dream Demons, Magic, Peanut Brittle frozen Presidents, etc. They use a Journal called Journal #3 because it has a giant 3 on the front.


The show starts off very episodic and still is, but there's overarching myth arc stuff regarding why these things exist in Gravity Falls, who wrote the Journals,  why no one cares about these paranormal stuff, etc.

In Topic: Post Here Every Time You Get Something!

08 July 2015 - 02:25 PM

Went on my Comics Run Today:



Read them on the bus home(Minus SW4, which I picked up early this week but It was because it's Bloody Secret Wars.


Starfire #2 was/is actually pretty good, though it definitely feels like a counterpoint to her Nu52 version where uh...Yeah. The less we talk about that the better. It's closer to her Teen Titan(Not Go!, screw that show) version, though obviously she's solo in this.


Renew Your Vows #2..Holy hell this book is good. I actually liked Superior Spiderman(I know others did, but there's so much complaints about from what I've seen) and this book is just..Yes. kind of making me wish Parker as a parent will be transferred over to the Post SW Marvel Universe, but I doubt it.


A-Force #2 definitely has me interested in how this is going to stick around, as it's been confirmed that A-Force is part of the Post SW Universe. It was a nice read, but it felt a bit short(Almost like the last issue). It's a fun read but very little happened even compared to RYN, despite being roughly the same length.


And Secret Wars.. Just..Yes. All I can say is that as long as Hickman doesn't massively screw something up, this book is going to be known as one of the best Crossover events in Comics. The main book covers everything you need to know and the side books are completely optional, but missing out on the main book seems just so wrong.

In Topic: Microsoft didn't consider Nintendo a competitor last gen

05 July 2015 - 06:04 PM

wouldnt say that much. for a couple years yes but overall both systems did pretty well as far as sales. am I wrong?

The 360(And even the PS3) only really was able to stablize for lack of a better term around 2010/2011. 360 had the RRoD issues in spades plus general costs. If I'm recalling correctly, Microsoft burnt money last gen, Sony burned through most of their PS2 profits before they were able to stabilize.


They were able to catch up to the point where(I don't have exact numbers as of recently, so this is about 6-8 months ago) Wii was at around 100, 360 at 80ish, and PS3 at 75ish, but it took them the average length of a previous generation to do so(assuming average is 4-5 years)

In Topic: Comics Thread: Ultimate Detective Guardians of the Multiversity, Now with ACTION

04 July 2015 - 01:30 PM

Picked up a copy of Batman #41 today. First Batman comic I've read. All my Batman generally comes from pop culture and what I've seen of the DCAU and various other TV shows. I REALLY enjoyed it! It had great length, great art, dialogue, and was a REALLY easy jumping on point. Pretty much Batman's dead, here's an energy monster, and here's a few flashbacks to set up the new Batman. I only intended on reading #41, but I'll definitely read this volume. It's so interesting!


Batman #41 is the one with Mecha Bunny Batman, right? :P I need to pick that up when I get the chance, especially since Snyder's done such a good job with his previous Nu52 Batman work. If you get the chance, I reccomend reading all the Mainline Batman books from the Nu52. Court of Owls is honestly amazing.

I really enjoyed it! I liked Ock's character through the series, I think he made a good hero at times. I've heard he shows up again during Spider-Verse, so I'll also be looking into that soon.

I did like some of the bits of All-New Ultimates I got to read, but other than that I never really got into the Ultimate Universe beyond Spider-Man stories. Do you have any recommendations?


I haven't looked at anything on the DC front lately, but the new Batman and Superman series look interesting. I never really liked Superman in the New 52 though


Spiderman was basically the only consistently good thing the Ultimate Universe produced. We got Incest in the Avengers FFS :P


SpOck's whole character kind of makes me want a Superior Spiderman Movie, I'll be honest.


My comments on The-Man-Who-Dresses-like-a-Bat from above remain true. I've never really been a Superman guy(Though I have enjoyed several of his stuff). The new series sounds at least interesting, especially with the 3 books running one arc but different timing and such. I picked up Starfire #1 and it's decent. I enjoy the art and it's nice to see Starfire not being what she was in the Nu52 :P

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