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Posted by MacroPlanet on 17 September 2012 - 07:20 PM

Good evening everyone! I suppose I should introduce myself. I am MacroPlanet, Brandon, and I have been a gamer since 1989 when I got a NES for Christmas. Ever since I have been a gamer and became a hardcore pc gamer when introduced to Ultima Online almost 13 years ago. Since then I have dabbled in a bit of everything and mainly played on the 360 during this current generation. However I have been growing rather tired of all of the games that 360 and ps3 give gamers, they tend to all feel the same in the end.

As I am growing older it is difficult to find time to game, yet I want something refreshing. I've found my niche on Steam with its wide variety of games, however I miss playing the classics that I grew up with. Basically I want a console with great 3rd party support and the power of Nintendo's first party.

That is my gaming life in a nut shell. Disappointed in the Wii, I hope I am making the right decision with the Wii U.

Hello everyone!

P. S. I am a huge Half-Life fan :-)

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