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In Topic: Pokemon Go: An Open Letter to Nintendo

28 November 2019 - 01:25 AM

Hi, who still plays pokemon go?

Not me ayyy lmaoooooo

In Topic: A Late-Night Stream of Consciousness

10 June 2019 - 09:09 PM

i'm doing alright, more or less. let's just say that i'm doing as well as i am willing to let on, lmao.


I don't know how I feel about a reunion, lol, this site had a lot of colorful characters. You can still find some of them offsite and elsewhere.


Feld0 is keeping the site up and I don't think he would be the sort of person to suddenly drop it without notice. There is still an unfinished story I might need to tell sometime about that, lol. Years back, on the previous forum Feld0 & I were members, the admin threatened to shut down the site multiple times & ultimately followed through with his threat, without anyone having much of a chance to back up anything.

Ouch. It's weird to think that although everything on the internet seems to permanent, anything on there can disappear at a moment's notice.


This site was down for a period of time yesterday and I convinced myself it was gone forever.

In Topic: A Late-Night Stream of Consciousness

04 June 2019 - 04:29 PM

I don't know what prompted me to check this site again. It hadn't entered my thoughts for some time, perhaps over a year? Coming back here, I can't believe it's still up. I can't believe people are still posting (however periodically). 


This forum was such a massive part of my early teenage years. I still remember telling my year 7 friends how cool the second screen was, why it was gonna get tons of third party support, and why it was actually more powerful than the ps3 and 360 but developers just weren't utilising it correctly. 


This was the first forum I ever joined. Probably my first addiction as I was constantly checking this place for news. This place was the first website I went to frequently, having only got my own laptop at the age of 12, coinciding with the hype cycle for the Wii U perfectly. I didn't even follow gaming news until this site happened. I used to just go into EB games and see new games, basing their worth off their box like a foolish child. Then my brother told me Nintendo had announced their next console thing, and he wasn't even sure of it's name. So I looked into it, and found this site in my search. 


I feel like I was one of the younger people on this forum. In fact I'm still a teenager, for 19 days. It's weird looking back on this site that I joined before I was a teenager, as I'm about to turn 20. 


This site gave me a sense of community that I never got from any other website. I had some idea of the personalities of every major poster on this site. It was like watching a sitcom with well defined characters. I still use Reddit (used to use NeoGaf until it imploded and I realised it was time to move on from gaming somewhat), but Reddit doesn't give me that. It's so rare to see a username I recognise on Reddit. The anonymity has it's benefits, don't get me wrong, but it's much harder to get invested when it's a place where nobody would ever notice your absence. 


As for me, I've stopped looking into gaming news as much. I'm becoming more and more like my pre-teen self, finding out about new games by walking into stores rather than hearing 50 leaks 3 years in advance. In some ways I appreciate that more than having announcements spoiled for me. I still watch Nintendo Directs, but haven't stayed up to watch one at 1am since this forum died. It's just not the same without the community aspect. 

I've grown up.


Finished high school.


Had a relationship.


Broke up.


Suffered crippling anxiety for around a year afterwards.


Overcame my anxiety almost completely.


Had a somewhat successful basketball stint.


Got injured, over and over and over.


Eventually one of my injuries was too severe for me to return and I haven't played in two years (still haven't fully recovered, but I'm taking actions to increase my movement (yes, I know I should have done this earlier, but I was in the mindset that nothing could stop me and my injuries would all just get better on their own, and they had up until that point)).


I've started at university now. Mechatronics.


Built a robot.


Did not enjoy building the robot.


Now I'm studying Cyber Security.


Have an exam today.


Currently procrastinating. 


I miss this site.


I love you all.


Add me on Discord, Ryanxoxo#3054


Add me on Switch, SW-3829-0256-3012

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