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#11836 Super smash bros 4 years away?

Posted by Limelight788 on 02 July 2011 - 06:32 AM

I can see the game going up to four years since they're working on both versions. I'm just hoping neither versions will limit each other and that they make the best game possible. If they expect to beat out Melee, they need at least three years of hard work on it.

#7057 Will the WiiU support DVD playback?

Posted by Limelight788 on 15 June 2011 - 11:30 AM

I hope so. There's no reason not to at least include DVD support. I have lots of DVD movies to watch, having to use my PS3 just so I can watch it is not cool.

#3912 Wii U Wishlist

Posted by Limelight788 on 04 June 2011 - 10:34 AM

Aside from Super Smash Bros. (Which is obviously my top wanted game), I would also love to see these:

- Star Fox
- F-zero
- Pilotwing
- Pikimin 3
- Much better third-party support
- A great Yoshi game

#3876 Anime Discussion

Posted by Limelight788 on 04 June 2011 - 07:37 AM

My favorite is Dragon Ball. Of all the TV shows I've seen, none can match up to this show's quality IMO. It has a fantastic blend of action, comedy, and adventure. I'm glad that this show doesn't have ridiculous fillers unlike Dragon Ball Z; filler really took a hit on my opinion on that show. It also helps that there's something always going on and it has a great soundtrack.

This show will forever be lodge inside in my memory and I hope to keep it that way.

#3769 Super Smash Bros. 4 Discussion Thread

Posted by Limelight788 on 03 June 2011 - 04:39 PM

If there's one thing I WILL be getting next generation, you can bet your families future that it will be this.

The Super Smash Bros. series has always been great games, including the last installment and some people, singlehandedly prevents their Wii from being taken to the next store, it's that great. Super Smash Bros. Brawl may have made a few major errors (Eg. the terrible online system), but it succeed in providing a great experience overall.

If Nintendo learns from their mistakes and improve upon what they do best, the next installment will be even better then before. I will be all over it and will be buying it at all cost. So expect me to be talking about it for a long, long time.

I think that we'll see announcements regarding it in E3 2011 and if not, it will eventually come.

Let's go through all the posts first:

@Sirralart RCP120 (#8): I wouldn't mind a few more third-party characters, but in the end, as Feld0 said, this is mainly for a celebration of Nintendo's titles and games and I'd like to keep it that way. Street Fighter already have their own series, so they aren't really a good start for Capcom's characters in Super Smash Bros.

@Wertville (#14): Final Fantasy's characters are unlikely to be represented, especially considering that they went a whole generation disregarding Nintendo's platform. Plus the main games have not originated on Nintendo platforms since since March, 1994 if you consider it where Final Fantasy VI was first released. Good luck with getting any Square Enix's characters in the fourth installment.

Well that was quick, now to propose my idea for the next installment. Gotta get that done quick before the new installment spoils some of it for me.

My Ideas for Super Smash Bros. 4:

The Character Roster

* by the character name indicates unlockable players.

Bowser Jr.*
Paper Mario*

Donkey Kong:
Donkey Kong
Diddy Kong
King K. Rool*

Other Mario Subseries:
Wario (Alternate costume same as previous game)

The Legend of Zelda:
Young Link* (Alternate costume is Toon Link)

Samus (Same alternate as before)

Meta Knight
King Dedede

Star Fox:

Pokemon Trainer
5th Gen Pokemon Character*

Captain Falcon
Samurai Gorah*


Fire Emblem:

Kid Icarus:


Golden Sun:

Custom Robo:
Ray MK II*

Ice Climbers
Balloon Fighter*
Mr. Game & Watch*

Snake* (Representing Konami)
Sonic* (Representing Sega)
Mega Man* (Representing Capcom)
Bomberman* (Representing Hudson Soft)

Explanation (And a lot of it):

First thing we should do is to keep our expectation low. This is personally a roster I think would do great and a very satisfying one, but I have a feeling that the roster could go down to as much as 43 characters, as any of these listed could be easily omitted. That said, it will be higher then 35 characters, count on that. I expect the player roster to be anywhere between 43 and 56 characters, so a lot to work with, so my rosters works at a realistic wish list that I hope is taken into consideration.

Some of these are more or less merely suggestions from other players.

I think it's plausible to assume that all or some of the original unlockable characters will be made available from the start. Captain Falcon will almost certainly be in, so if F-zero gets a second representive, then someone should take his place an an unlockable character. I just think he makes more sense as a starter then an unlockable. Same with Ness on the latter reason, thought he should be playable from the start as well since he's more well known then Lucas. I'd be fine with Jigglypuff and Luigi being unlockable, but again, prefer them as starters.

I removed Lucario because he did not originate in a video game and as such, is the least likely out of all Brawl characters to come back; yes even less then the clone characters and third-party characters. Do some research and you'll see that he originated in an anime Pokemon movie. The rule states that no character that does not originate in a video game may make an appearance. By including Lucario, they are contradicting this rule. He may be a video game character, but he does not have video game origin. Mark my words, when the developers figure out this, he will be removed instantly with possibly no reference to him in the game. It's not something I want, but something we'll probably have to deal with.

I'm not sure if we'll get third-party characters in the game, but I'll say it's very likely that we'll see them anyway. Snake and Sonic will probably be back since Konami and Sega are producing games with both characters on Nintendo platform and Sega has remained as a consistent supporter of Nintendo. As for representatives from different companies, Capcom and Hudson Soft are the most likely since they've been regarded as Nintendo's strongest supporters throughout the years and many games they make land on Nintendo's platform. I choose Mega Man because he represents the feeling of a Nintendo character very well compared to potential third-party characters, he is the most requested 3rd party character not in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and that the majority of his games have appeared on Nintendo platform. Same with Bomberman, except that he isn't as requested, although still pretty wanted. This is, however, the part that I care the least about. As awesome as it would be to play with Snake and Sonic again and as awesome it would be to play with Mega Man and Bomberman, if they have to drop anything, this is unfortunately the place to do it as it is harder to keep third-party characters in then Nintendo characters. We'll get anything from nothing to four third-party characters here.

Now if we get all of the four playable third-party characters, either all of them should be unlockable or have just one starter. Obviously, it won't be Bomberman, but any of Solid Snake, Sonic, or Mega Man would be the possible starter. Of those, I lean towards Snake as he is the first third-party character in Brawl.

One thing I do not wish to see are non-video game characters making an appearance, mainly because there's no need to and it destroy the purpose of the series, to play with Nintendo characters. It's impossible anyway since it is clearly stated that only video game character can make an appearance and they must originate in a video game. You could argue that anime characters could get in since Lucario is in, but he technically did not originate in a video game, so as said before, expect him to not make an appearance as a playable character in the next installment. That said, if Lucario stays in the game, then that opens a new possibilities of playable characters of mainly video game characters that appeared in a different format. Obviously, Goku and Naruto stands zero chance, but a few more characters could get in, so I'm kind of hoping video game characters with different origins don't get kicked out.

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