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In Topic: Microsoft didn't consider Nintendo a competitor last gen

06 July 2015 - 07:07 AM

Does not matter how much you sell if losing money. Why Wii U sales are not killing Nintendo,Still making profit.


Wii U isn't making money though, Nintendo's been in the red since each year since the Wii U launched and they've stated in their annual reports that the failing Wii U business is the reason. I'm not sure where you're getting that graph from but 2013 was most certainly not a profitable year for them.

In Topic: Project Cars Dev "We Really Dislike Nintendo Users"

26 June 2015 - 07:33 AM

Thanks for clarifying. It's confusing either way and they really mucked up the whole situation by simply not being up front from the get go. That's the main issue

Reading further Kickstarter looks to be wrong as it was their own crowd funding setup which helped fund development.

None of that makes up for leading on a userbase for so long with half truths and misinformation.


It is really confusing, but it's also an important distinction to make; the popular narrative going around is that the game was primarily/largely funded by Nintendo owners, when in reality the console versions were added at the end of the crowdfunding.

In Topic: Project Cars Dev "We Really Dislike Nintendo Users"

26 June 2015 - 06:52 AM

LOL you should be a political commentator, your spin is incredible.



When this was announced it was PC & Wii U, then they added PS3/360. They kept saying it's running great on Wii U as development went on. Next they dropped PS3/360 to add PS4/Xbox One but insisted that PC and Wii U were continuing as planned. There was always Wii U right from the Kickstarter program on day 1.


Actually, that's not all correct. I was one of the backers of the game and it wasn't funded on Kickstarter, and it was for PC only. The console versions were added later.

In Topic: The 6 Problems With Third Person Shooters Splatoon solved

24 June 2015 - 03:20 AM

I guess the big thinkers behind this can't tell the difference between a first person shooter and a third person shooter  :blink:

In Topic: Splatoon disc content leak?

22 June 2015 - 06:53 AM

So basically because there's been some free content therefore all of it will be free? Once again, that may be the case but since they haven't made an announcement regarding this content we can only make assumptions, while it's fine to hope this will be free I don't see how people can say that it will be with such certainty as if it's somehow guaranteed.


I think Nintendo said that the DLC was going to be free in one of their Splatoon directs, IIRC.

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