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Pokemon X Y questions

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Posted 15 July 2014 - 05:43 AM

Hello there!

Ive been away from the pokemon world for 3 generations (stopped in Pokemon Gold, returned in Y) and I'm really lost here, so i have some questions and requests please. I'm sorry if some of this could be covered in an already existing thread, but this forum is so extense that I couldn't find exactly all that I wanted and I decided to cover it all here:

1) Breeding
1.1) Ditto: How many maxed IV's do my Ditto need to have for succesfully getting a good egg? Do I need it to be totally flawless? or it's ok if it has just one or two maxed IV's? It depends on how many good IV's i want to get? 

1.2) The other Pokemon: Is it important that the other Pokemon (that is not Ditto) also have good IV's? or I just have to focus on getting a good Ditto?

1.3) Destiny Knot: What's exactly the Destiny Knot, how to use it (how does it work) and where to find it?

1.4) Natures: I don't understand anything about the natures. If the egg I get is a flawless Eevee but the nature is not adequate for getting a flawless Jolteon for example. Is it already useless?

2) Friend Safari:
2.1) Zone: On which friend safari do i find Ditto? 

2.2) Friends (Request): I live in Bolivia and sadly I don't know anyone here playing pokémon (or owning a 3DS at all) so I don't have any zone in friend safari. I was wondering if someone that has the Ditto safari zone could, PLEASE, add me as friend so that I can have better chances of getting a good Ditto.

3) Trading:
3.1) Charity (Request): If anyone is willing to trade and give me a good Ditto would be just sweet. I'm not asking for shiny. Just a Ditto that have more chances of giving me better pokémon. (The best Ditto i've found so far has just Max Special Attack and I've captured LOADS of Dittos. 3.%20frown.gif

3.2) Region: My Pokémon Y is in spanish. Does it make any difference or problem when trading with someone that has the game in english?

Thank you for your time, hope you can help me at least with the questions and if someone adds me for the safari thingy I'll be very VERY thankful.

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