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So Zelda: Breath of the Wild is literally everything I've ever wanted in a Zelda game. Updated 14 Jun · 4 comments

About Me

Hey guys, I'm The Ultimate Waddle Dee. I like a lot of Nintendo games, such as Mario, Zelda, Smash Bros, and Kirby (obviously). While I always side with Nintendo, I do enjoy other games as well. I like the Metal Gear Solid franchise (although I can't play MGS4 as I lack a PS3), the Call of Duty series, and I'm starting to get into Minecraft and Portal 2. I'm usually either a singleplayer guy, or a co-op guy: I either work as a team, or work alone. Anyway, here is a list of favorite things of mine, since other people seem to do that, and I wanna belong.

Top 5 Favorite Games Evar!
1. The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker (Timeless graphics, great combat, and a huge connected world. It's even better with the remake now that they made the Triforce Quest more epic by removing the killjoy)
2. Super Smash Bros Melee (This was close with Brawl, but they took out Roy. I loved Roy)
3. Metal Gear Solid The Twin Snakes (I am one of the few who think this is better than the original because of the updated gameplay mechanics and better AI. Still prefer the original soundtrack though)
4. Kirby's Return to Dreamland (This is basically a 4 player version of Super Star. Add in an amazing soundtrack, and Waddle Dee's bossness, this game is amazing)
5. F-Zero GX (amazing graphics even today, fun with friends, and brutally hard)
Honorable Mention: Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story (my favorite RPG ever. Amazing writing, music, gameplay, etc. It's just amazing)

Top 5 Favorite Songs
1. Pokemon Theme (Need I explain?)
2. Snake Eater (Really good and catchy song. Love how it parodies James Bond)
3. Protectors of the Earth (The one song that isn't from a video game. it just has an epic feel to it, like all songs from Two Steps from Hell)
4. The Best is Yet to Come (Perfectly forshadows the rest of the Metal Gear series and gaming in general)
5. Okami Credits (This is probably the most beautiful song I have ever heard. A perfect close to an amazing game)
Honorable Mention: Anything that Chaos makes (he makes his songs with a frequency that hypnotizes you. No joke)

Top 5 Favorite Things to do on the Internets
1. Go here (This community is amazing BTW)
2. Watch Let's Plays on Youtube ([in order of how much I watch them] Chuggaaconroy, Attacking Tucans, Josh Jepson, Luchajin, Donnabellz, Proton Jon, SuperJeenius, NintendoCapriSun, Pcull)
3. Play Team Fortress 2 (Soooo addictive!)
4. Chat with friends on Skype (Feel free to add me BTW, just tell me first)
5. Play Portal 2 (Dem custom maps)
Honorable Mention: Play Minecraft (I finally got it to work)

Top 5 Favorite Game Systems
1. Gamecube (It is the system I grew up with, and 4 out of my 5 favorite games were on that system)
2. DS (Bowser's Inside Story is my favorite RPG of all time, and that system has loads of variety. You can't go wrong with it)
3. 3DS (Easily the best handheld out now. It's library is growing faster than my flow of money)
4. Gameboy Advance (My first handheld. Super Mario Bros 2, Super Mario World, and Spiderman 2 were amazing, as well as all of the other classics)
5. N64 (The system that got me into gaming. I never owned one, but I always played my cousin's. Mario Party 2 was the game that got me hooked on gaming)
Honorable Mention: PS2 (The first system I owned. I wasn't into gaming that much back then, but ATV Offroad Fury and Star Wars Battlefront kept me glued to the system. I'm not sure if it works now, (I can't find the AC Adapter) but if it does I'm going to have a field day at Gamestop)

Top 5 Favorite Video Game Characters
1. Waddle Dee (He is amazing in Return to Dreamland. Best non-Kirby character)Posted Image
2. Big Boss (His character throughout the entire series is truly amazing, and I consider the series to be about his fight against the Patriots than Solid Snake's story)
Posted Image
3. Ryu Hayabusa (Although I'm not into Ninja Gaiden, I use him all of the time in Dead or Alive Dimmensions, but it turns out that Ryu has the same birthday as me, so that's why he is here)
Posted Image
4. Sheik (I love using Sheik in Smash Bros, and I always liked how mysterious she was)
Posted Image

5. Luigi (He was the first character I played as in video games in the original Super Mario Bros. While I always chose Mario when I was younger (because my cousin always wanted to be Luigi), I always liked Luigi more because he was better in Mario Bros 2 (the first Mario game I beat), and I like the color green more than red. Have a great year Luigi!)Posted Image

So, that's it...

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