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10 January 2016 - 06:06 PM

This site is all but dead, nearly. It's sad that we have 8,000+ members but it looks as if we have less than 15. 

As I'm aware, I know Mournblade is the administrator but with out full admin powers because Feld0 wouldn't hand it over as far as I know? What we need is a complete revamp of these forums as it is too outdated.


Now, seeing as how the Nintendo NX is the newest rumor for Nintendo's latest game console; I propose that we should dedicate this site to that now...or, maybe have a hybrid of this site along with NX. Either way, something needs to be done as the Wii U is a dying console and there's no more hype associated with this console which has helped a lot with this site dying (let aside the less active community and outdated site). Updating the banner here and there won't change anything.

As a veteran of this site that went from Projectcafe.com, to wii2boards.com, and now thewiiu.com, I know that with every overhaul of a site it has always sparked new interest in the site and engaged community interest again. I don't know if anyone is for this but it seems all we can do if people actually care about this forum living on.  


Now Mournblade, I know you have done an outstanding job in all that you've been able to do with your limited administrated privileges, but one cannot deny the downfall of this site so far. So imho, I would recommend trying to get with programmers and designers so we can revamp this site. 

If none of this is possible then I am sorry, but I thought I'd try as it is a pretty great community. 


If you guys can think of anything better I'd love to hear it.


Edit: Sidenote, no pointless, non-constructive responses. You are not helping anything at all.

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