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Pokemon Go: An Open Letter to Nintendo

11 July 2016 - 09:52 AM

Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm, no matter where I go I cannot escape Pokemon Go. I have dreamt of this moment my entire life, having been relatively young when the Pokemon craze took the world by storm back in the late 90's I have longed for those same Pokemon fever days to return back to the same extreme global phenomena levels of yore. No those days have seemingly begun to reappear in the form of Pokemon Go....Sadly....Pokemon Go is not the Pokemon game that should have been the Messiah of my childhood dreams. While there are spinoff games such as 'Pokemon Snap' and 'Hey You Pikachu', the core Pokemon franchise is mainly built upon the foundation of 4 core concepts: Hunting, Capturing, Grinding, and Battling, Pokemon Go manages to properly satisfy one of these concepts being the Hunting aspect of the game in that you utilize the GPS of your phone to actually track and find Pokemon in real time in the wide open world. Capturing, Grinding, and Battling is where Pokemon Go not only fails as a Pokemon game, but also sheds light on several horrifying thought of the future of Nintendo. Before I delve into how disgustingly bastardized those 3 aspects of the game are, I must remind you of all the time over the past decade that Nintendo has urged us that they would never even consider going into the mobile gaming market, that they would never release a game that was not completely finished and polished, that we must "please understand" that everything Nintendo does and has done has been the right decision for not only their customers, but for all of gaming as a whole. With all of that said they betrayed us all and released Pokemon Go where you capture Pokemon by playing a rainbowty version of Pokemon Paper Toss, where you train your Pokemon and grind to level them up by spending actual money on in game currency that levels you up, and where Battling has been replaced with a horrible awful tap your screen to fight battle mechanic. We have been betrayed and the masses are eating the pile of rainbow that Nintendo has put in front of their face to the tune of a 25% stock increase since launch. The masses have agreed that this type of product is acceptable in the horrible state that it is in.... it is completely unfinished, I wouldn't even classify it as a game, more-so the Easter egg hunt from hell. Take any other game franchise and imagine that it had the lazy battle mechanic that Pokemon Go has and then ask yourself if you would be fine with that? We deserve a much better Pokemon game than what we were given. This is no worse the fads that are the Kardashians and the Fast and the Furious movie franchise....you people are mindless sheep who follow whatever unicorn tongue craze there is and put a smile on your face and say its fun. If Nintendo is going to have no self-respect then that does not give you an excuse to also have no self-respect for yourself and waste your own precious time with this utter garbage. We dont need to accept this treatment and open the door to even more micro-transaction filled games! We can all uninstall and rally together to send a message to Nintendo to not sell their souls for the few millions that they will make from micro-transactions.


01 May 2016 - 10:13 PM

Post your Miifoto pics here








Nintendo NX Rumors

24 January 2016 - 08:46 PM

So there are a number of rumors that have been swirling around and its fun to speculate and get hyped, they're all rumors and all should be taken with a grain of salt but if you look at all the rumors you can begin to piece things together to make an idea for what may be of the NX.




  • The NX is a portable console that works both independently and can be paired to a home console unit to increase its gaming performance 


  • The NX portable and NX home console will be sold separately of one another


  • The NX will ship 12-20 million units in its first year


  • NX will run games at 60fps and 900p



  • The NX portable will be able to pair with the PS4, Xbone, and PC's



Independently these rumors seem quite far-fetched, but all combined together they seem more plausible. 



I think that they would do it for a number of reasons.


1. Kimishima is more open minded than Iwata


2. Assuming that the console is a handheld that pairs to a home unit to increase the gaming performance, the ps4, and xbone are capable of reaching the rumored specs.


3. Microsoft and Sony have nothing to lose because they aren't in the handheld market and they both know and openly talk about how Nintendo makes the best games and would love to have Nintendo games on their consoles 


4. 12-20 million is incredibly bold, and if this device can't be sold as an add on for Playstations then I don't see anyway that they'll hit that mark and that incredibly bold prediction will miss the mark by a long shot.




If all these rumors are true then I would be happy as a clam.

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