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Access to Wii U Nintendo Network will be free.

29 June 2012 - 03:26 AM


Good to hear. I knew Nintendo wasn't going to charge for their online service.


"Nintendo held a shareholder's meeting on Thursday where president Saturo Iwata all but said that the online network for the Wii U will be free."

Pachter: Concerned about Third-Party Support for Wii U

18 April 2012 - 04:15 AM

Hey look! I made a topic! YAY!

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Now that he cannot talk about Nintendo's financial situation since they have released to the public how much money they have in reserve, he goes onto comment about the Wii U's supposed 'lack' of Third-Party support and how it will determine Nintendo's stand in the way of it's competition.


“I really think the key is third party support, and from what I’m hearing, it is very light so far. Nintendo will be all right, they have a ton of cash, but I don’t think they will get to the sales levels they are accustomed to with this device. I’m most interested in third-party support, and we should get an idea of that at E3.”

I find it odd that he suddenly thinks Nintendo will be 'all right' when I do recall he was making 'doom' articles on Nintendo's situation.

“I think ‘same’ power level [as current gen consoles] is probably right, as it doesn’t make sense to ask third parties to do something significantly differently for the Wii U than for the 360 or PS3,”

Vigil Games says otherwise...

I know Pachter is an annoying prick but he is up for some decent discussion, especially on a pro-Nintendo site such as this forum where we can blissfully debunk his ideas. And he's easy to make fun of.
He hasn't really said anything to bash Nintendo which I personally find surprising, though he is another one of those people who think the Wii U will be on 'par' with the current generation.

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