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#199002 Spam Battle

Posted by Kimtastic on 23 April 2013 - 05:21 PM

Or you could actually, I don't know.. put effort into playing the game instead of relying on someone? You can't simply rely on assistance all of the time. Especially since most people who play online are selfish and expect others to do their HR quests.

#198039 Favorite RPGs of all time

Posted by Kimtastic on 22 April 2013 - 04:45 AM

Tales of Symphonia/Vesperia. I may not be a Namco fan anymore, but those two Tales of games as well as Graces are one of my favorite ARPGs of all time. I love content. I love reading skits and also being able to dress my party up with silly costumes. Not to mention, I enjoy the battle system and the plots.


This may be extremely underrated and never heard of, but I also loved Another Story, the Sailor Moon RPG that was released in Japan only, for the SNES. Any Sailor Moon fan would find that the game was such bliss. The plot was unique and not to mention that there were antagonists who had existed in the past, that have been brought back, into the game. The game covered Classic, R and S, however. There were also new, made up antagonists that resembled the inners in some way.


Valkyrie Profile. This game.. is beautiful. I adore it. Both Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth and Valkyrie Profile: Silmeria has touched my heart.. with their music mostly. Their stories as well as unique battle system. Both games have similar battle systems, but I thought that Silmeria had the better one. Only problem is, IMO, Lenneth had the better plot. Not to mention.. Hrist, is in both games. Hrist is my wife, confirmed.


The Chrono series. Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross. They were amazing! Though I think Chrono Cross was the better one. Such beautiful music.. Such an amazing story! Oh, how I just want to play this game once again!

There are other RPGs that were fantastic, but certainly did not touch my heart like these pieces of art.

#198034 What is your favorite gaming system?

Posted by Kimtastic on 22 April 2013 - 04:10 AM

Oh, what a difficult decision.. but I'll go with the N64. As old as I am, the N64 was the first console I've ever gotten. (during my doll-playing phase..) That doesn't mean it's the first console I've ever played. Oh no.. My childhood ran on Sega, thanks to Gaymer.


Mmm yes.. I remember when I saw a used N64 at the flea market and my parents saw me eying that prize, so they bought it for me. Mind you, they were pricey during those days. The reset button was jammed, but my father fixed it and I must say, I still have that good ol' N64 back at home with me. Of course, it doesn't work anymore, but I'll always treasure it as I do my gamecube.



Ahem.. Rambling about my past aside, I thought the N64 had the best games that have brought me into enjoying the types of games I do now. My favorite games being Bomberman64/Hero, Mario Party3/2, Super Smash Bros, Star Fox 64, etc.. Those were the games that I adored. And if not have played sooner, I would have never recognized them.

But don't get me wrong. I also adored the Super Nintendo and the gamecube. All three of these wonderful consoles have been my favorites, but the N64 is what brought me into gaming in general. That.. and Mortal Kombat.

#195621 Wii U Forums Chat Memorial Thread

Posted by Kimtastic on 16 April 2013 - 03:01 PM

I know I have no right to say anything about this, but I wouldn't care regardless. You people are whining over a chatroom. Why? I mean, it's not like you wouldn't be able to talk to your friends and acquaintances anymore. At least the forum is still alive. So what if a chatroom is gone? Mourning over it is rather childish. Move on.

#193608 Still worried about capcom support

Posted by Kimtastic on 12 April 2013 - 12:05 PM

Capcom should though the 3ds version blows in comparison!

Capcom does not care what one or a select group of people want or think would be better for their company. They just want money. All companies want is to make sales. Unless they themselves find it necessary, would they allow a price drop for their games... but I find that very unlikely.

#193601 Still worried about capcom support

Posted by Kimtastic on 12 April 2013 - 11:59 AM

Because Capcom is so going to read this thread and make that decision.

#193469 Monster Hunter 3 Demo... why do i hate it?

Posted by Kimtastic on 11 April 2013 - 10:05 PM

The game is called "Monster Hunter" for a reason. The main purpose is to hunt monsters. Either small or large-scaled ones. Honestly, the demo was demonstrating hunting two individual monsters. (Lagombi in Easy, Plesioth in Hard) There's more to the game than just hacking and slashing the thing. Most monsters are the same, while others are different. They live in different habitats, have different movesets, etc. You can capture or hunt the monster down, then carve it when it is dead to make materials for a new weapon or a nice set of armor.

Online and offline play are different. If you strictly play the game offline, it'll bore the hell out of you. Playing online with either strangers or friends is a lot of fun. Not saying playing offline is boring overall. I actually enjoy playing both, but if you want to get some nice armor/weapons and raise your Hunter Rank, it's best to play online. Not only are the monsters you fight more difficult, but you get to fight it with others. Capturing the monster, hunting it down, collecting materials to combine better items. That's what the game's about.

If you love exploration, then this game can be pretty fun. You have a whole 50 minutes during any guild quest, to gather materials for potions or bombs as well as bugs, or you can go straight to hunting. Trapping monsters is my favorite thing to do, but what's the harm of making the large monster face you, and with such skill, you quickly throw a flash bomb right onto their face, making them dizzy? Well, that's something that's fun for me. Hunting monsters can be a pain sometimes.. especially when you're dealing with more than one large monster in a map and you're not experienced. The game is difficult, but with practice and patience, you'll be an expert in no time. Dodging is important!



Anyway, I could go on, but like I said.. There's much more to the game than just hacking and slashing.

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