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#160424 Original Compositions by Starrgrl24 [UPDATE 6/26/13]

Posted by Starrgrl24 on 17 January 2013 - 07:40 PM

It's been forever since I posted something at this site. Here is some music made by me. :3

This one is for a boss fight! Not necessarily a final battle, but more like an important battle. It is one of those battle that will determine whether you can move on or not.

As the title says, this is a march...a rather dark march. I first intended this for a forest level, so I wanted something that was dark, but my brain wanted a march so this happened. :T

This is just some random heroic theme I was trying to compose for full orchestra. xD I composed this before I took a music arranging course so now I'm already tempted to change the orchestration so that it can sound better...but for now feel free to listen to my first attempt at orchestration! lol

And that is just a cute little piano watlz. :3



This is my third battle theme. :3 Yes I have a second one, but it is hidden in another topic in this forum. xD This is basically yet another battle theme but in three phases.

There will be more coming from me eventually! I hope you guys enjoy it. :3 Yes, these music are short and is looped twice. I intended these for video games and thus this topic will be dedicated to video game music I compose.

#89908 Starrgrl's Youtube Videos

Posted by Starrgrl24 on 25 June 2012 - 01:43 PM

Yup, my first public youtube video in years. :3 This is an arrangement from the Super Mario Series piano book published by Alfred. The arrangements are really nice. If you love video game music and piano, then I higly suggest getting this book. Anyways, enjoy!

#68513 The Real You

Posted by Starrgrl24 on 29 March 2012 - 04:25 PM

I am actually far different IRL than online! People probably see me as the super optimistic artsy outgoing girl who must be having an extremely successful and great life. I'm actually really dull and anti-social IRL. That's slowly changing thanks to college though. I'm slowing becoming like my internet self IRL...but it's a really slow process. lol

#67980 Para Biddybud

Posted by Starrgrl24 on 25 March 2012 - 11:00 AM

So, I drew a picture. It's really random, but I thought it came out cute. I think these new enemies are adorable so I couldn't resist. xD


#63629 Things that annoy you about the internet.

Posted by Starrgrl24 on 26 February 2012 - 09:12 AM

Posted Image

Internet explorer

#56949 Yoshi Wii U

Posted by Starrgrl24 on 24 January 2012 - 10:47 AM

Agreed. Yoshi's Island would be best on a handheld console. I can imagine something Paper Mario style or Yoshi's Story style. I wouldn't mind if it was like Yoshi's Story. I think it would look lovely on the 3DS! I really like the pop-up book style. It's really nice and it would work incredibly well with 3D!

#54605 Will Nintedo Grow Up!

Posted by Starrgrl24 on 15 January 2012 - 01:08 PM

Link and Mario was meant to be entertaining to EVERYONE, not some fanboy who only wants to see blood and guts flying over the screen. If you want "mature" games, then stick to the elder scroll series or fps games or some other super popular M rated game from 360/PC/PS3.

#52560 Starrgrl's Piano Arrangements

Posted by Starrgrl24 on 08 January 2012 - 10:35 AM

I made some more piano arrangements. :3 Both are from Kirby's Epic Yarn. They have not been submitted in ninsheetm.us yet because I'm still trying to add/remove stuff. They're reaaally close to done, though. xD Anyways, if you like music from kirby's epic yarn, feel free to learn. :3 I will edit this later once it's on the site. For now, deal with tindeck and google docs. xD

Kracko Battle:

Melody Town:

edit: I know I bumped a topic, but I much rather reuse this so others can see the previous music I've arranged. xD

#51404 The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddess Tour Schedule (Up to Date As of...

Posted by Starrgrl24 on 04 January 2012 - 05:59 PM

Legend of zelda symphony of the goddess tour:



#49918 Now I drew a Kirby

Posted by Starrgrl24 on 30 December 2011 - 05:51 PM

Yeeeeeep! :3 Also, if you have DA account, you can comment here: http://starrgrl24.de...t.com/#/d4krhom
Posted Image

#48543 What is your favorite type of music and songs?

Posted by Starrgrl24 on 21 December 2011 - 02:30 PM

I like classical and video game music. :P

#41560 Hello

Posted by Starrgrl24 on 10 November 2011 - 12:25 PM

Hello and welcome to the forums! My first nintendo console was the Super Nintendo, even though I only recall playing Super Mario World. xD I do admit though, I really like the gamecube era. As you can see from my avvy, I looooove Super Mario Sunshine. That is one of my all-time favorite games, including Legend of Zelda Windwaker. Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's Island and Kirby's Epic yarn is also on my list. xD My first handheld system was actually the Gameboy advance. My brother owned a gameboy color, but I didn't play it too much. lol

Anyways, I hope you enjoy your stay here. :)

#40932 School!

Posted by Starrgrl24 on 05 November 2011 - 08:21 AM

Ugh. Why do 10 year old's play CoD? When I was 10, all I played was Pokemon, Mario, and Yu-Gi-Oh. What happened to the good old days? :/

Oh man, I can't help but agree with you. Back in the days, I played Pokemon, Mario, and Yu-Gi-Oh! Good times :) I also spent time playing outside with my brother and cousins. Now...I see little girls watching lame sitcoms and boys playing CoD. I mean, you don't even see good cartoons anymore for kids! There is very little creativity for this generation. What has the world come to? :(

FPS games will eventually die out. I can't wait for that to happen. :D

Well...I think it is natural for the older generation to criticize the younger generation. xD

#37199 How is Your Life?

Posted by Starrgrl24 on 19 October 2011 - 08:49 AM

it's great :D, although i got alot of studying to do ( 8-10 hours a day >_>). Uni exams in 1 week... so nervous :unsure:.

Oh man good luck. I remember when I spent that much studying AND I still had to keep up with my 4 hour piano practice last week. Do take short breaks while studying though. Don't stress too much, and you'll do good. :) I would love to say to get plenty of rest before test...but I'm sure many of us spend the night before testing cramming thus getting less than the ideal 8 hours of sleep. xD

#37198 Hi ^_^

Posted by Starrgrl24 on 19 October 2011 - 08:27 AM

Hello there! Great to see you join the forum. :) There's plenty to do in this forum, so stick around. I am also excited for a Mario Kart game on Wii U! Also for the 3DS, if I can get one. I hope you enjoy your stay here.

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