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Gift for Hype

26 December 2015 - 12:55 PM

Here you go. A picture because I was busy but i can scan it when I get home, maybe even color it if you want. Enjoy!



Nintendo Names New CEO

13 September 2015 - 11:56 PM

Tatsumi Kimishima

Tatsumi Kimishima has been named the new CEO. His background includes being the President of NoA for 5 years, I heard he also led The Pokemon Company but I'm not sure. He also isn't a game designer, just business. More here:



Pokémon GO + Pokémon GO Plus

09 September 2015 - 10:54 PM

The Pokémon Company just held a press conference and they announced a new game, for iPhone and Android [Sorry WP/BB :(]. If any of you have played Google's Augmented Reality game 'Ingress' it will seem familiar, as they are partnering with the company who made the game, [Company is now its own entity away from Google]. You will use your cellphone and see distances to where Pokémon are, you can through Pokéballs at them to catch them, it looks like there is other balls/items. The Pokémon travel through portals around in your town/nature around you from an another dimension, you can even team up with others to catch the Pokémon, you'll both receive it. You can even trade them!

Then there is the Pokémon GO Plus which is a peripheral kinda like the PokéWalker which you can either clip or wear as a wristband. It's meant to enhance the game, button to do actions, LED colors, vibrations. 

Its a collab project between The Pokémon Company x Niantic Labs x Nintendo. If you remember Google did an April Fools where you can go around the real world and catch Pokémon. Except now its real. No word on pricing though Ingress is free, so I expect the same of this hopefully, but The Pokémon Company has charged for Jukebox and higher price's on Pokémon Shuffle. 


[Rumour] Splatoon: Ink Shot for 3DS

08 June 2015 - 04:07 PM

Apparently Nintendo plans to announce a new 3DS title at E3, a Splatoon Action/Shooter Platformer 2.5D. Its described as a more fleshed out version of the cut arcade game, It will share a similar story to the main game on the Wii U. Unfortunately I couldn't get any more information then that. 

Does Nintendo NEED new IPs?

10 March 2015 - 07:23 PM

Pretty much all the time you'll hear "Nintendo needs new IPs!" or "They re-hash Mario / Zelda, thats all they come out with!" or most likely both. But does Nintendo really need New IPs?

I say they do a good job at keeping old franchises fresh, even sacrificing New IP potential for a old IP, Mario Galaxy probably could've been something, Kirby's Epic Yarn defiantly, and more. Not saying thats a bad thing, but does give fuel to the fire. I think their doing a good job now, Pushmo/Crashmo, Dillions Rolling Western, Rusty's Real Deal Baseball, Splatoon, Codename Steam, BoxBoy, Harmo Knight, I'm probably forgetting some. Ok maybe a little heh to include like Rusty, BoxBoy, and Harmo Knight. 

Though I think they can do old IPs also, most are forgotten or well just so old you have full creative realm.  Kid Icarus was a good hit return. Ice Climbers can come back as a Never Alone like title. Theres Star Tropics which can be a third person Action-Adventure. Custom Robo. Always been a fan of Balloon Fight. They can maybe turn Pilot Wings into a more realistic simulator, but not too far. 

Then of course there is like Sin & Punishment, F-Zero, 1080*. 

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